Frequently asked questions

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What does Allara treat?

Allara is a women’s specialty care platform that treats complex hormonal, metabolic, and gynecological conditions and unexplained symptoms of the reproductive and endocrine systems. Our clinicians specialize in diagnosing and treating a range of diagnoses and symptoms, including but not limited to:

  • PCOS
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Endometriosis
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Primary Ovarian Insufficiency
  • Menopause
  • PMDD
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Fertility Issues
  • Weight Concerns
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular Periods
  • Acne
  • Hair Loss
  • Body Hair Growth
How does Allara work?

Allara is a membership-based telehealth care program treating those who experience complex and chronic hormonal, metabolic, and gynecological conditions.

Allara patients work with a dedicated care team including medical providers (board certified OB-GYNs, Endocrinologists, and WHNPs) and Registered Dietitians through regularly scheduled video visits.

Each patient will have a medical provider, a Registered Dietitian, and access to the Care Concierge team.

Where is Allara available?

Allara currently offers complete medical and nutrition care in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington

We also offer a nutrition-only option in:

  • New Hampshire
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Check your eligibility here, or sign up here for a free webinar to get all of your questions answered.

Where will I get lab work or images done?

Patients can visit Labcorp, Quest, or other labs that accept orders from outside facilities. We help locate in-network facilities for your insurance and ensure your orders are sent to the correct place.

Patients can access their lab orders through their patient portal, print them, and take them to a lab, or have Allara fax the order to the appropriate facility. For imaging tests, we will locate nearby facilities that accept your insurance and send the order via fax or electronically.

Do I need to have a diagnosis to work with Allara?

No! We will evaluate you and order labs and imaging based on your symptoms. This testing and evaluation will often lead to a diagnosis.

What type of labs are ordered at Allara?

We order evidence-based labs after evaluating a patient’s symptoms. We often order hormonal testing, metabolic testing, vitamin level testing, and basic fertility testing. We also order ultrasounds if deemed necessary.

How long will it take to see a provider?

You can book your initial medical visit when you sign up for your membership. The average wait time to see a doctor is 2-3 weeks but can sometimes be as soon as within a week.

What happens if my labs all look "normal"?

Patients may receive labs that look “normal.” Our team of providers will work with you even if you don’t have a specific condition diagnosed. Our clinical team reviews labs with you and listens to your symptoms and health concerns to decide on the best course of action and ensure that you are getting the proper care.

insurance & cost
How much does an Allara membership cost?

Insurance Memberships:

With insurance, Allara has two options for membership fees:

  • Monthly: $20 per month
  • Annual: $180 per year (save 25%)

Patients are responsible for paying the Allara membership fee and any patient responsibility per their insurance company rates such as copayments, co-insurance, or deductibles.

If you need help figuring out your patient responsibility, here are a few tips:

  • Check your insurance card or your benefits package for the co-pay rates for a specialist visit and a Registered Dietitian visit.
  • If you have a high-deductible plan, you are responsible for the fully billed cost until the deductible is met.
  • If you still need help understanding your responsibility, you may call the Member Services department of your insurance company. Typically the number is found on the back of your insurance card.
  • Allara’s NPI number is 1700450558
  • Allara’s billing codes are:
    • Medical Provider Codes
      • New Patient: 99204 - 95
      • Established Patient: 99214 - 95
    • RD Codes
      • New Patient: 97802 - 95
      • Established Patient: 97803 - 95

The cost of lab work, imaging, prescriptions, and supplements are not included.

Self-pay Memberships:

For a full care membership, fees are either:

  • $119 per month with a three month commitment
  • $99 per month with a six month commitment (save 17%)

The cost of lab work, imaging, prescriptions, and supplements are not included.

Nutrition Only Memberships:

Allara also offers a membership option that includes only visits with a Registered Dietitian, which costs $50 per month with no long-term commitment.

Does Allara work with my insurance?

Allara is currently in-network with many major health plans in the following states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Texas

…and we are continually working on expanding coverage. Please check here to see if we are in network with your insurance carrier and plan type.

If we are not yet in-network with your plan, we also offer affordable self-pay options.

If you have questions about health plan coverage, please fill out this form.

Does Allara have affordable options if my insurance is not accepted yet?

Yes! We have two self-pay options:

1️. A full care membership is our most popular and inclusive plan. Patients pay a monthly fee which includes all medical and nutrition visits. A hormone and metabolic evaluation will be given by both a medical provider and a registered dietitian, followed by a personalized care plan, ongoing care, and monitoring by both providers.

For a full care membership, fees are either:

  • $119 per month with a three month commitment
  • $99 per month with a six month commitment (save 17%)

2️. A nutrition only membership includes visits with a Registered Dietitian only, and personalized recommendations for nutrition, movement, and supplements. Labs will not be ordered by an Allara provider. Registered Dietitians can review lab work from an outside provider.

For a nutrition only membership, fees are $50 per month with no long-term commitment.

Allara can provide a superbill to be submitted to your insurance. Costs for lab work, medications, and supplements are not included in the membership fee. Labs and prescriptions may be covered by insurance.

How am I billed for lab work?

Lab work and images will be performed at an independent facility. The facility is responsible for billing your insurance company and sending you a bill for services performed.

Allara does not bill for lab work and is not responsible for lab work costs patients incur.

Will I have any additional fees for treatment at Allara?

Lab work, medication, and supplements are not included in the Allara membership fee.

Patients with an insurance membership are responsible for the cost of copays, coinsurance, or deductible fees associated with specialist and Registered Dietitian visits. The insurance company determines this cost. We recommend contacting the member services number for your insurance company if you need more information about your fees, or emailing

Can I use FSA/HSA?

Yes! You may use your FSA or HSA money to pay for any fees paid to Allara, such as membership fees and copays.

allara treatment
Does Allara always prescribe medication?

Every Allara patient will be able to decide what, if any, medications are right for them.

Collaborative care between the patient and their medical provider will include a thorough discussion about their treatment plan, including medications. Many patients at Allara choose to be completely prescription-free and that’s okay, too!

How can I expect to feel about my health while working with Allara?

While every patient will experience something different, most patients hit certain care milestones.

We see that over 75% of Allara patients will feel more in control of their health within a few weeks, and feel empowered about their care and hopeful about their outcomes.

  • First month
    • Get answers with the help of lab testing, and lay out an initial treatment plan.
  • Second month
    • Start implementing changes, and maybe notice your body beginning to respond.
  • Third-Sixth Months
    • Repeat lab results may show improvement, and symptoms could significantly reduce.
  • Six months and beyond
    • Settle on a long-term treatment plan that works for you, and continue working towards the results you came here for.
How do the Allara providers work with me on a personalized care plan?

Treatment at Allara is not one-size-fits-all. Patients will receive collaborative, holistic, and patient-centered care. Your providers will consider many aspects of your health and work with you on your personal health goals.

We use comprehensive lab work to formulate a plan that includes vitamins, supplements, meal planning, movement, stress management, sleep hygiene, social support, and medications as necessary.

Allara providers will monitor your progress over the length of your membership via lab work and regular check-in visits.

If I do need a prescription, what type of medication can Allara prescribe?

Allara's doctors prescribe many types of medications. We can only begin discussing medications once you are seen by an Allara provider who has thoroughly reviewed your health history, lab work, and your goals for care.

All medications will be evidence-based and FDA-approved.

Allara providers will not prescribe controlled medications (e.g. opioids, stimulants, depressants) or compounded medications.

Can I get a DUTCH test, GI testing, allergy testing, or other types of testing?

Allara providers will order FDA-approved and evidence-based testing that is performed at a lab facility via blood draw or imaging. This helps our providers have the most objective results possible that can be used to provide the best care.

DUTCH testing is not ordered or interpreted by Allara providers.

If you and your provider decide that GI testing or allergy testing is needed, you may be referred to a specialist who performs these tests.

I have concerns about my weight. How can Allara help?

Weight is a complicated matter. For some, it can impact hormonal and metabolic health. However, we are here to provide guidance and let you tell us what you want out of your weight care.

Our nutrition team defaults to a weight-neutral approach, meaning they focus on the behaviors and lifestyle changes that will make you healthier in the long run, no matter what happens to your weight. If you ask for it, we can add suggestions that can help yield results more specific to weight loss/change, or body composition change.

If you want to keep weight out of the conversation, we can absolutely do that too! Our Registered Dietitians can give you mindful eating tools to help you connect with your body and see the changes you want.

Sometimes, no matter how much you want it or how hard you try, weight loss doesn’t come. One of the tools we use to help are GLP-1 or GLP-1/GIP RA weight loss medications. Patient safety and success are our top priority, so we have put together practice guidelines to ensure they are used well. This includes weight check-ins to ensure that weight loss is happening safely, steadily, and not too fast. It also includes diligent monitoring and lifestyle recommendations from our nutrition team.

Does this replace my OBGYN or Primary Care Provider?

Allara focuses on specialty and complex gynecology care. We recommend continuing routine evaluations and care during pregnancy with your in-person OB/GYN and Primary Care Provider.

Our providers may occasionally recommend an in-person exam during your care with Allara. To ensure comprehensive care, we recommend asking your in-person providers to share notes with Allara providers.

If you have any questions about how to do this, please ask our Concierge Team.

What are the credentials of Allara's clinical team?

Allara’s practitioners are specialists in women’s health. Our collaborative team includes OBGYNs, WHNPs, Endocrinologists, and Registered Dietitians.

All physicians, nurse practitioners, and Registered Dietitians on the Allara platform are board certified U.S. licensed healthcare professionals. Each practitioner undergoes an extensive background check and license verification process. They have also undergone extensive training in women’s health.

We screen all of our practitioners for a good bedside manner that emanates empathy, dignity, and respect, which we know is extremely important to our patients.

What type of providers will I see at Allara?

Your clinical team will consist of one medical provider and one Registered Dietitian. You will remain with the same providers for every visit. Your provider will be matched with you based on a variety of factors including your location, insurance, and symptoms.

allara Memberships
Is an Allara membership right for me?

If you are ready to work with a dedicated team of expert specialists to get control over your hormonal, metabolic, and gynecological health, you’ve come to the right place.

We believe that an Allara membership is right for you if you have been struggling to be heard by traditional doctors and want a patient-centered approach from specialty practitioners that treat the whole you.

At Allara, we can diagnose and treat a range of conditions including but not limited to PCOS, insulin resistance, endometriosis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, primary ovarian insufficiency, menopause, PMDD, uterine fibroids, weight concerns, skin and hair concerns, and fertility issues.

What's included in my membership?

The Allara membership includes:

  • Access to telehealth visits with medical providers & Registered Dietitians, and coordination of care between all of the experts that you see
  • Access to the Care Concierge team
  • Discounts on supplements to help support you in your health journey

Your Allara providers will work with you on a personalized care plan with goals at each appointment, and ongoing monitoring of your health outcomes. The Allara membership costs do not include copays, lab work, and other testing, medications, or supplements.

What makes Allara Health different from traditional healthcare?

Allara is a healthcare program that allows patients to access expert, specialty care through virtual appointments.

Our providers take a patient-centered approach to care and we combine medical and nutrition support to treat you as a whole. This model allows for more personalized care plans and sustainable, long-term management of your symptoms or conditions with shorter wait times to see a provider.

Will Allara include all of my hormonal and metabolic care?

Allara treats patients with chronic hormonal, metabolic, and gynecological conditions and symptoms. This includes PCOS, endometriosis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, primary ovarian insufficiency, menopause, PMDD, uterine fibroids, and fertility issues.

Allara does not perform routine gynecological care, primary care, or reproductive endocrinology.

Allara will refer out for additional services and collaborate with other providers outside of Allara if needed.

Does Allara do in-person care or is it 100% online?

Allara is a telemedicine service, so all appointments with your Allara providers will be video visits. Allara will facilitate referrals for in-person labs and imaging, as well as referrals to in-person providers if needed.